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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lesson For Today

Pasal nak diet sangat padan muka aku...tp takperlaa benda baikkan...sbbkan nak cepat aku rembat jelah...price shown RM3.98...skali p bayaq RM9.50..terkedu jablaaa....ngalahkan lunch aku laa pulak...nasib baik sedap...aku beli pun sbb cranberries tu nyer benefit. Paham ler naper mahal...tapi dgn watson or guardian ni better jaga2 if purchase anythg..I silap sbb tak punch kat scanner...moral of the story p scan dulu kang tak pasal kena bayo lebih....U all trylaa sedap...tp reger yg tak syiok sikit...tp kalu nak beli fresh punyer pun mahai gak...skali skala oklaa...

5 Ways to Awaken the Metabolism

Eating the foods alone below won't do the whole job, you need exercise. Walking is perfect, and plan to walk at least 1 hour daily.

1. Strawberries, Rasberries and Cherries

Both strawberries and cherries are rich in ellagic acid.
This is a powerful anti-oxidant that clears the body of free radicals and and expel body pollutants like alcohol.
As an added benefit, they also stimulate mental power.

2. Grapes

All grapes are extremely rich in bio-flavinols.
These help to open up your arteries, and your blood runs more smoothly and quickly these are great food for anyone with circulatory problems.

3. All Citrus Foods

Everyone knows that citrus foods are rich in vitamins C. However, they are also rich in Vitamin E. Citurs foods, in addition to boosting your immune system, will act as a liver tonic.
When the liver is working better, your metabolism is working better.

4. Forest Berries (such as Cranberries)
Almost all the berries of the forest contain proanthocyanidin. This is a powerful antitoxant that works well on the kidneys and lymph system. When the kidneys are active, so is the metabolism

5. Apricots

A beta-carotene and vitamin C rich fruit, Apricots work well on the lungs (which expel waste products) and extra help if you are still a smoker. When the lungs are working well, the metabolism works better, as there is more oxygen available in the blood for metabolic exchanges

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